The top issue that JoCasta hears about from constituents when she knocks on doors to talk with voters is, by far, public safety. It’s why she asked the Assembly Democratic leader to appoint her to the Assembly committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. JoCasta is committed to doing everything she can to ensure the public safety of all Wisconsinites by prioritizing the following issues, to name a few:

1. Reducing gun violence: JoCasta fought to bring state funds home to expand ShotSpotter GPS technology to reduce gun violence when Republicans deleted it in the 2013 biennial state budget. In particular, JoCasta was integral in persuading the City of Milwaukee to ensure her district obtained the use of ShotSpotter GPS technology. Previously, ShotSpotter was only exclusively available on the city’s north side. Under JoCasta’s leadership, Milwaukee’s near south side obtained ShotSpotter during the 2013-14 legislative session.

2. Advocating for common sense gun safety reform: JoCasta fought against legislation introduced by Republicans this session that repealed the 48 hour waiting period to purchase fire arms. JoCasta also co-sponsored the “Universal Background Checks” bill, which would ensure background checks on gun purchases, helping to reduce gun violence.

Universal background checks are supported by 90% of Americans, including more than 80% of Republicans and more than 70% of gun owners — and 80% of NRA (National Rifle Association) members.

3. Educating all Wisconsinites on the benefits of allowing “Drivers’ Cards for Undocumented Immigrants”: JoCasta authored the bill and will continue to lead the effort to pass this public safety legislation into law. This bill would benefit all Wisconsinites by ensuring these individuals have learned the rules of the road and passed the road test, etc. to obtain a driver’s card, have obtained car insurance within 30 days, and will return for driver’s card renewal every 2 years.