JoCasta believes we need to be focusing on helping small businesses, increasing wages, and expanding access to capital. She is focused on growing jobs and the economy across our great state.

Here are just some of her priorities:

1. Leading the charge for a “crowd funding” bill which would require the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) to maintain a website that qualified small businesses and non-profits could use to raise money for development from the public. WHEDA would also provide expert staff that would help these small businesses and organizations with marketing and business advice to help them get off of the ground or grow to reach their goals.

2. Passed a bill into law this legislative session, which provided an economic boost to the distilleries in her district and throughout the state. Called the “Distilled Spirits Tasting Act,” 2015 Wisconsin Act 10 authorizes retail establishments to provide small samples of liquor to be sampled on their premises. The law will ensure that the state’s distillers can market their product just as brewers and wine makers do. Small businesses make up most of the new jobs created in Wisconsin, and small retailers and distillers, as well as larger, established businesses like Great Lakes Distillery and Central Standard Craft Distillery on Milwaukee’s near south side, stand to benefit.

3. Fought to keep the Bucks home, in Milwaukee, with a critical vote on construction of a new arena in the city’s downtown. She worked with all parties involved to ensure that taxpayers and workers in Milwaukee received the best possible deal. The new arena will result in another attraction to add to Milwaukee’s growing entertainment offerings, and the good paying jobs that the Bucks have guaranteed to Milwaukeeans will provide a living wage and rewarding, long-term employment for a city that’s been growing by leaps and bounds. JoCasta believes that targeted, smart investments by the State of Wisconsin in Milwaukee are important to the economic health of the entire state, and this deal was no exception.

Like many in Wisconsin, JoCasta has been frustrated by the Republicans’ unwillingness to do anything to create jobs for working people in Wisconsin. In 2015, more than 10,000 people were laid off, our state was 37th in the nation in private sector job growth, and lags nearly every state in the Midwest in indicators of economic health. Instead, Republicans changed the laws to benefit their wealthy donors and special interests, all while Wisconsin’s middle class is disappearing faster than in any other state in the country.