JoCasta is a champion for public education and fights hard for access to the American Dream via a college degree!

Her priorities include:

1. Working to lower student loan debt: JoCasta worked with Assembly Democrats to introduce the “Higher Ed, Lower Debt” bill to help bring pragmatic debt loan relief to so many Wisconsinites, who are increasingly finding themselves burdened by student loan debt.

2. Fighting for full and fair funding for K-12 public education: JoCasta supported AB 482, which would have provided robust funding for our public schools and guaranteed state funding for every student.

3. Advocating for K-12 bilingual education funding: JoCasta introduced legislation which would provide funding to our public schools to ensure that students learning English don’t fall behind their English-speaking peers in the rest of their studies.

JoCasta, as a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, understands that having access to affordable higher education is often the key to moving into the middle class and upward. She fought alongside her Assembly Democratic colleagues for the “Higher Ed, Lower Debt” bill to help bring so many Wisconsinites some relief from the crippling student loan debt that has been plaguing so many across the country. She’s fought hard against Governor Walker and the Republicans in the Legislature as they’ve cut nearly $1 billion from our state’s technical colleges and universities. She’s supported rolling back these cuts to ensure that our students have adequate financial aid, access to supportive mentors to help them stay in school until they get their degree, and maintain our world-class faculty and facilities that have made Wisconsin’s colleges and universities some of the best in the nation.

JoCasta insists on holding private voucher schools accountable to families and taxpayers by insisting they are held to the same standards of transparency as our public schools. And she has worked hard for laws that would treat the children of recent immigrants with fairness and dignity by improving their access to bilingual education funding.